Solution Overview - Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is an attractive option for organizations wanting to move their email management to the cloud and obviate the need for an on-premises Exchange server. The benefits include better collaboration, lower cost of ownership and great agility.

While the capabilities of Office 365 are sufficient for some business, others – particularly in the enterprise space – will need additional third party products and services to address specific use cases not supported by Office 365.

Mimecast’s approach to delivering value to Office 365 customers addresses these issues by supporting key requirements across four key areas: risk management, security, archiving and complex environment support – all delivered as ‘blended cloud’ services, seamlessly integrated with Office 365. In contrast to other vendors, Mimecast operating in tandem with Office 365 enables organizations to loosen their dependence on on-premises technologies once and for all, with no compromise in terms of performance, data security and access or end user experience.